Contoh naskah pidato bahasa Inggris tentang narkoba

Contoh naskah pidato bahasa Inggris tentang narkoba – Tak berbeda dengan contoh naskah pidato tentang narkoba yang pernah kita ulas di artikel sebelumnya. Pidato dalam bahasa Inggris juga membutuhkan riset dan referensi tetapi bedanya lebih sulit dalam menyusun kata demi kata.

Contoh naskah pidato berikut ini bisa jadi referensi dan panduan, sangat disarankan untuk merubah nama dan tempat serta tambahkan beberapa pembahasan singkat terkait sekolah atau jawatan Anda. Jika contoh pidato bahasa Inggris ini digunakan untuk mengerjakan tugas sekolah, pastikan tidak sama dengan teman yang lain. Sebab saya yakin teman Anda ada yang mendapatkan contoh naskah juga dari internet.

Contoh naskah pidato bahasa Inggris tentang narkoba

Ini dia contoh naskah pidato bahasa Inggris tentang narkoba yang bisa Anda pergunakan.

Contoh naskah pidato bahasa Inggris tentang narkoba #1

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb
And Good Morning / Good Afternoon

Firstly, Let me say thank you very much to the chance  given to me to tell my Speech. As the moslem, let us rise our prise and gratitude to Allah SWT.  who has given us help and opportunity, so, we are able to present in this simple place to attend the english speech contest. And we dont forget to send Shalawat and Salam to our prophet Muhammad SAW.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
The title of my speech is DRUGS

Many people in the world or city known well about drugs, but they didn’t seems to be aware of the possible dangers. Drugs can be useful if we can use it based on the dosage, but it will be a danger thing when we consume it carelessly. Beside that there are some kinds of drugs that forbid consuming such us morphine, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.

Ladies and Gentlement:
They believed that heroin can withdraw confusion and fell that Marijuana, Strong drinks, and the like can encourage nice senses, such that they make night voluptous feeling. They don’t feel that they are sinking in a forbidden action and they gradually stab their own bady, destruct morality and destroy the aims of their lives.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Is it fitting that young man as young generation enjoy the forbidden thing ? and shatter our future or our future nation?
Let’s as young generation to say :

Ladies and Gentlemen:
You must Remember! All of you are the hope of our country and our nation. If the young man break, I believe that our country will be break too. Don’t be the murderers of yourselves, Don’t drink alcohol and consume the forbidden drugs. Once more, never do that!
O     The young the hope of nation, don’t be a corpse before you die. Don’t kill yourselves and others.

Ladies and Gentlement:
Look!! Or try to watch around you, there were many crimes caused by drugs. For example a child who stolen his parents’ equipments and sold it just for getting money??? Do you know what will they do with that money??? Yes you are right. They want to buy the forbidden drugs. They will do everything to get money for buying those drugs. It’s because they were under the influence of that drugs.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Beware and Don’t ever touch drugs! Because if you consume drugs, I’m sure you are going to die slowly, and this evil action as alive tortures in the world. Remember please don’t endanger yourselves and others.Like an aphorism say “ Who will do it besides us? And when will it done if you don’t start from now? “ and youth is the time to perform manners, so as young  generation we are the next generation in the future.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Maybe It will be of value to you , that’s all, thank you,

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb – sumber

Contoh naskah pidato bahasa Inggris tentang narkoba #2

Assalamu’alaikum Warrohmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Peace for us
Dear Head master of SMP/SMA N1 —- sebutkan sekolah Anda
I respect to Mr / Ms Teachers and Administrative staff in SMP/SMA N1 —- sebutkan sekolah Anda
And to my friends that I love

Let us praise pray that Allah SWT has bestowed His favor so that we can gather here and on this day. Now  I will deliver a speech about drugs .

Narkoba are the abbreviation of Narkotika and Obat – obat terlarang or in english is narcotics and illegal drugs . While nafza an abbreviation of Narkotika, Alqohol or narcotics , alcohol , and other addictive substances ( drugs , which result in a person having a dangerous dependence on these drugs ) .

In Indonesia , the drug addict progress more rapidly . The drug addict is generally aged between 11 to 24 years . This means that age is of childbearing age or the age of the student .

At first , students were taking drugs usually begins with introduction to cigarettes . Because of this habit seems to have become a natural thing among today’s students . Of this habit , the association continues to increase , especially when the students join in an environment of people who have become drug addicts . At first try , and then run into dependency .

The negative impact of drug abuse , especially among students is as follows :
1 . Changes in attitudes , and personality ,
2 . Often truant , decreasing discipline and values ​​lessons ,
3 . Become irritable and quick to anger ,
4 . Frequent yawning , sleepy , and lazy ,
5 . No health care for themselves ,
6 . Like stealing to buy drugs .

The prevention of drug abuse among students , it becomes our collective responsibility. The efforts of more concrete we can do is cooperate with the authorities to do counseling about the dangers of drugs , or may hold a sudden raid on a regular basis.

Then assistance from parents themselves by giving attention and affection . Schools also provide counseling to the students about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse through Guru BP , with a discussion involving the students in planning for intervention and prevention of drug abuse in schools . Another important program is the program of Narcotics alert by identifying the characteristics of students who use drugs , be aware of the existence of an unidentified guest or dealer , and impromptu raid.

No less important is the moral and religious education should be emphasized to students . Since one of the causes terjerumusnya children into this vicious circle is the lack of moral and religious education of their absorption , so this was a disgraceful act like , finally they live .

For that let us all avoid and stay away and join eradicate the use or abuse of drugs , especially in our schools. Such a short speech that I can say if there is an error in speech, I apologize . For the attention I thank you – sumber

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